“Children of the Creator United”

For all those who believe and/or have faith in the fact of an Original Cause. And that there is a purpose to existence.

Lets take a view of looking for the things we have in common and build on those things and leave the rest to the Supreme. And each do her/his best to work/serve for the best of all creation. This includes nature, of which we are all connected. This is a highly individual pursuit of choice.

All religions and faiths grasp the opportunity to come together in the name of our Creator. He/Her has countless names and each compliment the others. No one is excluded from the universal family. One God, one Father.

The Names of God purify all of existence, and there are millions of such Names. For God is fathomless, and the original cause of all causes. No need to bicker over the Names, instead, embrace them all and focus on the ones that resonate with you, be they Krishna, Christ, Jehovah, Buddha, God, Mohammed, on into infinitude. 


Do two realities exist: one Transendental, the other temporary?

Some espouse the temporal as the real reality.  The logic of this conclusion is many fold,  not the least of which is the tangibility of this temporary realm.  It can be seen,  felt,  broken down into identifiable components,  and so on.

The idea is that we are all products of these elements, in various combinations.  And further, that all things are likewise different blends of these identifiable ingredients.  The seeds that develop into things have lined up these ingredients in a wonderful way, to produce millions of forms, with no master chemist or architect involved.

This conclusion is truly  mind blowing to me, and renders my sense of logic into fragmentary shreds.  It must be true, I’m told, but it leaves me with so many questions that my mind goes into retrograde in a spiraling decent.  This happens mainly because of the idea of nothing into something just doesn’t compute, unless there is another realm involved.

The contradiction of this logic however,  is that this other realm can’t exist,  because to is not perceivable to our senses, or identifiable using scientific instruments.  Another thing is the consciousness we all seem to have. which is highly individualized.  This consciousness thing is very elusive.  It seems to be spread throughout the body,  but doesn’t seem to change as the body changes,  and it can’t be measured,  or broken down into various parts.  I suppose if it could be reconstructed after death,  we would be able to bring back the dead.

Now the idea of an eternal reality connects and inconsistencies of the temporal conclusion, in may ways.  For instance,  it gives the missing cause behind the whole shebang, for starters.  It also explains consciousness much better,  let alone a mi-read of other factors,  which we will peruse later.

World of Duality – The Search for Cause and Effect

We find ourselves in a temporal realm, with a sense of identity, or I am if you will. Some are possessed of a sense of eternity and some aren’t. Are we products of material combinations, and nothing more or are we eternal beings on a physical, temporary adventure? Is life a gift or a punishment, or are these types of thoughts even relevant?

Lets start out with what we find here and see where that takes us. It seems we have certain needs, like nourishment and warmth. We obviously have a faculty of perception, which gives us input, such as feelings of hunger, cold, pain, and much more. Some of these perceptions are more universal to all, or at least most, and some are unique to the individual.

Beliefs seem to be common to all, not the beliefs themselves, but that we all have and acquire them. Is this one of the things that separates humans from the other life forms? Where do emotions slot into this scenario, we certainly possess them also? Sensitivity toward are rest of the world, is there, at least in some, is this intrinsic to our make-up, or so much garbage? And how does the environment we find ourselves in impact these things?


“Reality star” doesn’t vaccinate her kids: the world ends

Here we are lone voices in the wind. The spin masters have so thoroughly brainwashed the masses, that the consensus opinion considers any other take, no matter how accurate it might be, as, irresponsible rebellious foolishness. The truth be damned, the verdict has already been delivered.

Their version is ours to accept or we will be thrown out with the dish water. It’s like trying to elude the inevitable, but then, who decides the inevitable? 


Disease hoax, disease game

Com-premise the overall health of the organism thru denatured foods, pollutants, drugs, chemical additives, toxins, bad water,fear, and polluted air, and what happens? Many profit potential conditions arise as a result. The human body is a wonderful healing machine, but it can only take so much.

Are we blind to this sequence or what?

Is greed such an enticing mindset , that we will abandon all human considerations to follow it?

And now the shift of focus to health care, instead of maintaining health. We are now expected to accept health problems instead of maintaining health.

We don’t need to buy into this ethic unless we chose. We can turn it around, and go for the light. We are capable of a much higher and brighter future.