World of Duality – The Search for Cause and Effect

We find ourselves in a temporal realm, with a sense of identity, or I am if you will. Some are possessed of a sense of eternity and some aren’t. Are we products of material combinations, and nothing more or are we eternal beings on a physical, temporary adventure? Is life a gift or a punishment, or are these types of thoughts even relevant?

Lets start out with what we find here and see where that takes us. It seems we have certain needs, like nourishment and warmth. We obviously have a faculty of perception, which gives us input, such as feelings of hunger, cold, pain, and much more. Some of these perceptions are more universal to all, or at least most, and some are unique to the individual.

Beliefs seem to be common to all, not the beliefs themselves, but that we all have and acquire them. Is this one of the things that separates humans from the other life forms? Where do emotions slot into this scenario, we certainly possess them also? Sensitivity toward are rest of the world, is there, at least in some, is this intrinsic to our make-up, or so much garbage? And how does the environment we find ourselves in impact these things?



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