Do two realities exist: one Transendental, the other temporary?

Some espouse the temporal as the real reality.  The logic of this conclusion is many fold,  not the least of which is the tangibility of this temporary realm.  It can be seen,  felt,  broken down into identifiable components,  and so on.

The idea is that we are all products of these elements, in various combinations.  And further, that all things are likewise different blends of these identifiable ingredients.  The seeds that develop into things have lined up these ingredients in a wonderful way, to produce millions of forms, with no master chemist or architect involved.

This conclusion is truly  mind blowing to me, and renders my sense of logic into fragmentary shreds.  It must be true, I’m told, but it leaves me with so many questions that my mind goes into retrograde in a spiraling decent.  This happens mainly because of the idea of nothing into something just doesn’t compute, unless there is another realm involved.

The contradiction of this logic however,  is that this other realm can’t exist,  because to is not perceivable to our senses, or identifiable using scientific instruments.  Another thing is the consciousness we all seem to have. which is highly individualized.  This consciousness thing is very elusive.  It seems to be spread throughout the body,  but doesn’t seem to change as the body changes,  and it can’t be measured,  or broken down into various parts.  I suppose if it could be reconstructed after death,  we would be able to bring back the dead.

Now the idea of an eternal reality connects and inconsistencies of the temporal conclusion, in may ways.  For instance,  it gives the missing cause behind the whole shebang, for starters.  It also explains consciousness much better,  let alone a mi-read of other factors,  which we will peruse later.


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