“Children of the Creator United”

For all those who believe and/or have faith in the fact of an Original Cause. And that there is a purpose to existence.

Lets take a view of looking for the things we have in common and build on those things and leave the rest to the Supreme. And each do her/his best to work/serve for the best of all creation. This includes nature, of which we are all connected. This is a highly individual pursuit of choice.

All religions and faiths grasp the opportunity to come together in the name of our Creator. He/Her has countless names and each compliment the others. No one is excluded from the universal family. One God, one Father.

The Names of God purify all of existence, and there are millions of such Names. For God is fathomless, and the original cause of all causes. No need to bicker over the Names, instead, embrace them all and focus on the ones that resonate with you, be they Krishna, Christ, Jehovah, Buddha, God, Mohammed, on into infinitude. 


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