The conclusion of Buddism

After much reading and study of Buddhist & Zen texts, my conclusion is that the Buddha was teaching to create a balance, a union with nature and all that is, by harmonizing with the totality of all and eliminating all conflict and striving. In other words to become a non combatant. To become part of the flow in all regards and clear the slate.

Since the Buddha never delved into the framework behind his teachings it can become confusing to try (strive) to understand the deeper (if any) meanings behind His teaching. He must have had good reasons for not delving into these frameworks, so i think He meant for us to leave it at that and not endeavor to decipher these frameworks, or He would have given them also. The water in the river does not try to explain its path.

If our relentless minds insist on complicating the issue then we miss the essence of what the Buddha is conveying. The need is to give up our striving and follow what is actually presented by the Buddha. Many words and books are not necessary to convey simple truths.

By, Bala Bala D. D. from his Instructions on Eliminating Confusion.


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