Obvious truths

Who is paying attention, is the question at hand? Lets all bury our heads in the sand and cruise. Oh, how doth the machine stupefy? Is it Chem Trails, the water, the education system, inoculations, greed, avarice, gross materialism, lazzziness, or ????

Yes, the obvious truth is simply ignored, we back away, or is it black out? How is this so is a profound riddle, especially when it is such a destructive direction. Is the impossible norm so compelling that we simply have no choice, although the consensus reality has never been accurate as far back as we can usually see.
For many years I thought Styrofoam and the American identity crisis were running neck and neck for the number one spot. Alas we finally realized the foam had to go, so now the identity crisis is all alone as the number one American product.
We plop our sorry butts down, crack a cold one and get our daily dose of programed reality.


Confession of a fool

My mind is so fickle and fluttering, that I find that it’s always looking for the shortcomings of others, believe it or not I even spend valuable time doing that toward Godbrothers/Sisters. This is my fallen condition, and then when some clarity shines through, I see that it’s me that is the fallen insignificant fool, thinking I’m so above the ones I judge. Is this the opposite of what a real devotee is or what? This pretenders only hope is to prey for the forgiveness of those I so willingly put down. I stand humbled in this fallen condition. I beg you all to prey for this poor excuse of a devotee.

Scrub that brain

I used to wonder how this brain washing was possible. But since it is happening on such a large scale I just accept it, and move on. Oh no am I now brain washed. Where is the exit, I’m getting the hell out of here.

Watching the news is a chilling thought. I mean I might go stark raving into the sunset.

Newspeak, the modern food for thought, day is night, blue is white, so give up the fight.


The material brain can’t see beyond its limitations. Our spiritual selves are only discernible to a broader view, which isn’t available to the limited brain.

Most religions attempt to control the individual self in so many ways. Like in Fyodor Dostoevsky‘s “The Brothers Karamazov” where the Grand Inquisitor tells Christ that His mistake was leaving people free choice. However real religion is about free choice and leaves to the individual to make up her/his own mind without coercion.

These demon mind control freaks are like the Grand Inquisitor, but instead of just putting folks to a quick death , they prefer a slower more insidious method.

Jump out the boat Dummy

What collectivism is is actually these minions at the top (individuals) who want to sacrifice all other individuals in the name of the common good. But interestingly this doesn’t apply to them. And when there are only two left, they will fight it out as individuals.

You can just imagine these two individuals are in a boat that is only big enough to hold one without sinking. And each one is trying to convince the other to jump out for the common good.

“Ill”etists on the move

Create and fund the opposition, hello this is the tried and true method to control both sides. So the concerned citizens think their cause is well represented.

These elitists live in another universe. They will end up destroying themselves along the the rest of us.

At least during the cold war both sides realized that if we nuked each other the whole world would possibly be destroyed.

The evil one

Bruce Hatcher The Evil One must be sitting in his fiery domain laughing his soot off. He announces, We are destroying the Earth without even a battle, and soon there will be no place to hide, hahahahaha! My minions have followed their assignments well, their rewards will be great, hahahaha ha, for they will burn in hell forever, hahahahaha!

The miracle food

Bruce Hatcher likes a link.

The fanatical misinformation against raw milk is staggering, a wonder food demonized by totally unfounded rhetoric.The stunning truth is that raw milk is the answer to many physical ills. Please take the time to study the unbiased research, before you form you conclusions.